Thursday, 6 June 2013

Cakes, tarts and all things sweet

The cafe's name, T Ann Cake, implies that we serve tea.  And cake.  This isn't something that I wasn't aware of when I chose the name.

When choosing the business name (just before I did my first farmers' market in August 2009), I had a list of around 20 contenders.  Some better than others.  Here are some of them along with some of the comments fed back to me via friends and family.

The Pantry     
"makes me think of a pair of pants" 

Coffee, Tea or Me?
"Absolutely not (mother)"

"just don't like it"

More tea Vicar?
"you can't have anything religious"

Let them eat Cake
"so you think your future customers are peasants?"

Sweet Annie/Sweet Annie's
"sounds a bit dodgy"


And it went on.  My big sister phoned a friend of hers who told her husband about my name-finding quest.  "Well why doesn't she just call it 'T Ann Cake'?"  Yes indeed.  Why didn't we think of that?  So, thank you once more Michael.  There was one drawback.  Although my market stall would only be serving sweet things, the whole point of starting the business was to one day have a cafe and we would be serving savoury things too.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I think a number of prospective customers may think that we only serve 'tea' and 'cake' but I think and hope that most know we do other things do.

In the meantime, here are some photos of some of the cakes and other sweet things that we've made over the last week or two...

Vanilla pear-poached frangipane tarts, strawberry torte almond cake and chocolate oreo cake

Our sweet pastry filled with our chocolate fondant and local raspberries

Vanilla cupcakes with local strawberries, our sweet pastry for pecan pies

Dulce de leche brownies
So there we have it.  The top photo that features the strawberry torte almond cake was on the counter half an hour after opening this morning, still warm having just been tested/tasted by us.  I had some strawberries to use.  I was making muscovado meringues but knew they wouldn't be ready in time so needed a cake in which to use them up.  I found this recipe at around 7 o'clock this morning, made it at around 8am and it was on the counter by 10.30am.  That is the part I love about having the cafe.  I can play. 

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  1. hello! You might find this a cheeky request and if so please feel free to ignore it, but I wanted to ask your advice about cake. I've just recently started baking with polenta, and am enjoying the results. So far I've had success with the river cafe almond and polenta cake, and I'd like to try using it as a base for a choc-orange cake, such as the one I've enjoyed many times at T Ann Cake.

    I'm not asking for the recipe! But - would you recommend using cocoa powder, and if so should I substitute some of the polenta or some of the almond with some cocoa? Or can I get away with more dry ingredients, as I was thinking of using whole boiled and pureed clementines, like in Nigella's clementine cake of yore. Do you reckon that would work?

    Many thanks if you do get around to answering this, I appreciate you're busy and it's maybe a 8 or 9 on the cheek-o-meter. Appreciate your time!